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I do miss running midi straight off the soundcard but my new Alesis usb keyboard actually doesn't lag, and runs off Bluetooth as a controller quite well Ableton makes up for any latency over Bluetooth as you can trigger anytime during the current sample for it to play at the next loop point : Have fun!!

I don't code so don't know what it is that's actually more efficient but their Pro laptops are great am a long time PC user btw. So for USB audio they'll just integrate. I dunno. I just buy more expensive stuff :. Just to give you an idea of what Black Friday might have in store. I called Amazon and they said it could be December before it's delivered now. Voted hot on this deal but I am tempted by the hints at bigger capacity drives in the black Friday sales.

Anyone know what kinds of prices we could expect for higher capacity external drives? No, this I learnt the hard way. All ddr4 ram clocks at a default compatible speed I think mhz and its up to the motherboard and cpu as to what overclock ING you can do. Which is why if this ram isn't kn your motherboards qualified vendor list you will be stuck at base clock rates unless you can manually configure it.

As mentioned I have an Asus prime Pro x I think and as this wasn't in qvl it won't clock over base, even when it sees the xmp profile or I manually clock it even at lower speeds it just reboots 3 times and goes back to default :. However a QVL is like a list of Ram the motherboard company has tested with their product and worked. Now, I'll just do the same thing with the other one". Seems a good price if u dont want to build your own, warranty is nice too. Although you have forgot to include the wiresless Lan and I would say that the PC case is not as good as the one listed in this HUKD listing and it only comes with one fan from the look of it, minor issues though and good for a pre-built machine.

I got this yesterday. Just got to order what's needed then give them a bell.. Nice build, but I would get a instead of the X version to save a few quid, and as others have said, 16GB should be enough. Invest the saved in a faster graphics card.

I think you'd notice the performance difference there more than anywhere else. Ah I see, this pc will definitely be more than fast enough. It's always worthwhile putting one together yourself rather than buying a prebuilt.


And as I said previously - numerous YouTube tutorials out there to help you out, I'm sure you'll do fine! Thanks superalex - it's mainly for productivity on my own business - mainly office but running some virtual machines with server stacks inside and perhaps my 9-year old son using it out of hours for a game now and then. It's over spec'd for that end but I just want it to be snappy.

Cost is still far below an inferior pc I nearly ordered from Chillblast so I'm happy. Just the challenge of putting it together now Calling strangers who you don't know and never met pathetic across the internet. The irony here is wonderful. PDX's cash cow has finally gone free. Excellent game, and a few of the first expansions are decent How is this a deal when it's free to play? It's not an offer. Where would you be without your PC? In fact, PCs are an integral part of everyday life. The problem is that the pace of computer development means that owners are constantly required to update their model to run the latest software and keep their system running smoothly.

This can get expensive, but by buying cleverly, you can save plenty of money on your next PC upgrade. In a sense, you can trace the history of PCs back to the first abacus, when people started storing numerical information and using tools to calculate.

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But the history of the modern PC dates back a couple of hundred years to the calculating machine developed by Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace in the early 19th century. After that, computers grew in size, becoming enormous, room-sized behemoths with thousands of vacuum tubes and punch cards governing their every move. Then everything changed. In the s, transistors started to be imprinted on silicon chips, and computers began a seemingly endless shrinking process, becoming faster, more powerful and even more important to the lives of their users.

Consumers can choose between tiny notebook PCs, stripped back, ultra-cheap netbook, powerful laptops and everything in between. Some of the most important parts of any PC include:. Motherboard — The motherboard is named because it is the coordinating unit that links together all of the other parts of a PC. Why does it matter when you are buying a PC?

Motherboards are designed with specific processors in mind, so if you are building a PC yourself, be sure to buy one that matches the processor you intend to use. If you intend to add extra hardware like sound cards or graphics cards, check that your motherboard has plenty of spare PCI slots. One reason is that it establishes the look of your machine. More importantly, cases are built to fit different motherboard types. The same goes for gamers who are installing larger GPU cards. You may also need plenty of space for the power supply. All of these factors tend to mean that gaming cases are larger than normal desktop cases, so bear that in mind when you purchase the parts for your PC or an off the shelf model.

Generally speaking, the more memory you have, the faster games and video streams will run though processor speeds and software configurations come into the equation as well. Hard Disk — The hard disk is where your computer stores programs, from games to videos, pictures, text files and utilities. The capacity of hard disks tends to be measured in gigabytes thousands of megabytes , with around GB standard, although you can go as high as a few terabytes TB if you need to.

The faster your computer can access information on your disk, the better. This is generally around 5,, but the fastest drives can manage 7,, which is what gamers will want to see. They tend to come with smaller capacities, but with their ultra-high speeds, they are ideal for gamers and you can store other files on external hard disks if needed as well.

Processor — The processor of your computer is the nerve centre. It determines how quickly everything runs, and a fast processor is essential if you want to build a killer gaming PC. Check the number of cores in any processor before buying. The more cores, the better, as they make data processing much more efficient. Processor speed also matters. Most importantly, PC buyers need to decide with operating system to buy and what features will come with it.

If you are just using your PC for gaming, keep software purchases lean and relevant. Game downloading services like Steam will be an essential for many gamers, as will a browser like Chrome. If you are buying a PC, make sure a virus checker is installed as well they often come for free , while chat clients like Discord could be handy as could Skype, which allows you to talk via the web on a standard headset. Some of the basic categories include:. Desktop towers : Larger machines that are designed to sit vertically or horizontally on or underneath desks. However, if you need high-spec gaming performance, desktops are the only computers with the case capacity to hold the hardware you require.

Gaming laptops : Gaming laptops are a different breed from conventional machines. They tend to be extra-powerful and portable so that gamers can take them to meet-ups and play wherever they wish. They also feature souped-up processors and graphics cards, as well as the cooling fans needed to keep them working, so gaming laptops can be heavier than other models.

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They look similar, but gaming laptops are specialist machines, and not everyone will need what they have to offer. Standard laptops : The standard laptop has a size of between 15 and 17 inches, feature wireless capabilities and a wide range of connector ports. Good laptops will include USB ports to connect Hard drives , jacks for headphones , camera docking ports and ports for external controllers or keyboard.

Netbooks : Much smaller than standard laptops, netbooks have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are much cheaper than high end HP , Lenovo or Microsoft laptops, more lightweight and therefore ideal for kids of travellers. However, they usually feature slower processors, smaller hard disks and less memory, along with fewer ports. If all you need is to check Facebook or write emails, a netbook could be perfect, but they are virtually useless for modern gaming.

If you are new to buying gaming PCs, it might be helpful to suggest a typical setup.

Motherboard — Go for a board with good expansion potential. Processor — Speed is vital. Go for something that offers 4. Be realistic. However, do think about connectivity. But less serious gamers can easily spend more money than they have to.

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In many cases, extra RAM or hard disk space can improve system performance and allow slightly older PCs to run current gaming titles. What about Macs? They also have the added bonus of interacting seamlessly with Apple devices like iPhones , iPods and iPads , as well as streaming services like iTunes. Another big advantage of Macs is that when you buy them, they come with everything most home users will need, straight out of the box. However, where Macs fall down is gaming.

You could even throw tablets into the mix as well. These hybrids lie between smartphones and laptops, and do most things that PCs can do, while being much more portable. Then there's another product group with the 2-in-1s also known as Convertibles which can be used as a laptop as well as a tablet. Among them you can find popular ranges like Microsoft's Surface or the Lenovo Yoga product line. You guys really set the bar high for professionalism in Lebanon! Best regards, Your loyal customer.

Everything was in the box no scratches on the case very clean finished job. Looking forward to buy more items thank you pcandparts Lebanon. Step by step, Apple is taking the iPad in a wholly new direction. Read full [ We have all the Components and Peripherals you would ever need. Best Selling Products. Always the best prices Our prices are updated multiple times a day, reflecting the actual electronics market valuation, providing our clients with the most affordable Computers and Laptops and Parts in Lebanon.

Amazing customer service We have been in the computer business serving Beirut , South and North Lebanon , the mountains and the Beqaa Valey more than any other online retailer. Speedy shipping We ship quick and to all the Lebanese regions. You are the best supplier I have ever worked with, you have products that we really need. Keep it up, and great work. It is our train of thought - and our own practice in reality - that one should start being really beady-eyed and ready to pounce from about mid-November.

If you see something amazing from this point, then you're pretty safe to just pull the trigger. Keep in mind that there will also be plenty of other stuff on offer in November, like Black Friday TV deals , so it might be best to spread your spending a little to get everything you want.

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Well, this isn't quite as straight forward as you may think it is. But in most respects, it's down to you, what you need and want and what you're willing to consider. Given that prices on desktops and laptops will fluctuate wildly throughout Black Friday deals period due to each change in component altering pricing, its best to take a more holistic approach rather than having eyes only for a magic number.

Think about a budget and not necessarily a few red-line must haves. Even if you're holding out for a gaming PC with an RTX graphics card in it, there's no reason to be instantly dismissive of a machine that has a slightly less stratospheric graphics card - particularly if it makes up for it in other areas.

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The best thing about a majority of gaming computers is that you can always hopefully upgrade bits and pieces as and when Therefore you can widen your net comfortably and be quite accommodating. And always be prepared to be surprised: a build or configuration, or a brand or model may come about that you weren't expecting.

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Team that with a bit of research between retailers and you'll be laughing. You will find a massive range of other deals joining the Black Friday gaming PC sales. In fact, you'll find computing specials on almost every other piece of tech, peripheral and component you can imagine. It is that time of year after all. While most people who want one now own an actual PlayStation 4 console, there's an endless world of accessories and extras that will enhance your play even further.

So, what can you expect? Likely to outlast many other bits of hardware, and offering you great versatility, gaming monitors will definitely be among the best Black Friday gaming PC deals this year. The aforementioned versatility is great as, perhaps contrary to their reputation and some opinion, they are not just for PC gaming. The top gaming monitors are also some of the best panels for playing console games on too - after all they are built and honed for gaming. You might miss out on a few of the PC specific benefits but if you have a desk-bound gaming setup - or if you do both console and PC gaming in the same place - then a designated gaming monitor is a great acquisition.

Gaming headsets have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, with each new 'generation' offering more and more features and performance and experience enhancements. They are also one of the most prolifically discounted peripherals which is great news for this years Black Friday gaming PC deals.